Tips for Homeowners to Save Energy & Money!

Although Earth Day has passed, it is still important to think about energy saving. With summer just on the horizon and the Texas heat starting to creep up on us, we slowly crank down the air conditioning and steadily crank up the electricity bills. Not only does paying attention to saving energy in your home positively impact our environment, it also keeps money in your wallet. Here are a few energy saving tips every homeowner should know about!

1. Turn off all appliances when not in use but more importantly, UNPLUG all chargers and appliances when possible. Many chargers use electricity when they are plugged into an outlet even if they are not being used.

2. While sealing doors and windows is a common energy saver, many people overlook sealing electrical outlets. See the link below for an easy, cost-effective DIY project to seal your electrical outlets!

3. Save yourself the effort and use your dishwasher! Handwashing dishes actually uses more water. Also remember to run full loads.

4. When it gets hot outside, keep your thermostat set to about 78 degrees for as long as you can. According to the Alliance to Save Energy, You save up to 1% on your yearly cooling bill every time you raise the temperature by one degree for a period of eight hours.

5. Take advantage of daylight savings time! Keep your blinds open and use natural light during the day.

For more helpful energy saving tips, click here: 5 Surprising Ways Your Home is Losing Energy

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