Why Choose A Townhome or Condo in College Station?

Are you considering buying a condo or townhome in College Station or Bryan? With dozens of complexes in the area, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search. We’re here to help with that. A member of The Kendra Hudson Team can help you narrow down and focus your search on just the properties that fit your plan. Not sure yet what your plan is? We can help with that, too. At The Kendra Hudson Team we have the knowledge and experience to help you map out a strategy and zero in on the condo and townhome complexes that can best help you meet all your goals. 

townhomes-and-condos-for-sale-college-station_50While residential real estate is a good investment and can appreciate in value, it can also be tricky to sell when you want. People don’t want to buy a home unless they can move into it right away, and many times there aren’t buyers lined up to take advantage of pent-up demand caused by the pandemic. So if you’re looking for a long-term investment that will appreciate in value, consider buying a home in a popular town such as College Station.

Here are some of the best perks and benefits that come with investing in a townhome or condo in the College Station area:

Tax Benefits

There are multiple loopholes and benefits to purchasing a home in a low-tax state like Texas. The federal government doesn’t require you to pay any taxes on the investment; you only have to pay capital gains taxes on the profit you make from selling. In addition, many states offer tax breaks and rebates for homeowners who invest in their properties.

No Maintenance is Needed in The Townhomes in College Station, TX

Apart from ensuring that your investment appreciates in value, another great benefit of owning a home in the long term is that there is no maintenance requirement. This means that you don’t have to worry about updating or repairing the property. The owner of the building you are living in takes care of all the maintenance and upkeep. So as a result, you don’t have to worry about leaks in the roof, windows that need to be fixed, or any structural issues.

In some cases, you might also be eligible for a homestead exemption if you live in a certain area of the state. This is a great tax break, as you will be able to exclude the value of your home from your taxable income. However, it might not be enough to cover all your real estate-related expenses – especially if you need to travel for work. In other words, if you want to live in a certain suburb and have your business in another, you might not be able to claim both as your primary residence. The law varies from state to state, but generally speaking, you have to live in the home for at least six months of the calendar year to be able to claim it as your primary residence.

Permanent Residence

If you meet the requirements for a permanent residence, you can apply for residency in the state. This means that you have to live there for at least a year and a half in order to maintain your eligibility. During this time, you can apply for a driver’s license and vote in all political elections, including state and national. To qualify for a permanent residence, you also need to make a down payment on your investment property and pay a mortgage on it. In order to live in a condo or a townhome during the day, you have to have someone available to watch your children while you are working. This can be difficult, especially during the day when you need to be at work yourself.

Saving Money

Instead of paying rent to a real estate owner, you are effectively purchasing a home for yourself. This is a big cost savings, as you do not have to pay for a mortgage, insurance, or maintenance. You can also look to cut corners and save money by DIYing some of the maintenance and renovation work – but this can be a challenge in and of itself.

Freedom To Move

Once you establish residency in a state, you have the freedom to move anywhere in the country. You do not need to worry about losing your residency if you move out of state. As a result, you can start over again and be sure that you are making the right investment decision for your future.

There are many options for condos and townhomes for sale in College Station and Bryan. These options are excellent for buyers looking for great locations with minimal upkeep and plenty of amenities. And it’s not all college and grad students either – condos and townhomes are a great idea for parents and Former Students looking to lock down a secondary residence near the university.

If you have been on the cusp of buying property, but you are not sure if you want the trappings of a home and property, a condos or a townhome might be the perfect fit for you! Property is always an excellent investment, and condos and townhomes are no exception to that rule. Many choose to purchase condos and townhomes for their convenience factor. When you are looking for affordable houses for sale in the College Station area, condos and townhomes are both inexpensive and convenient. They generally require less maintenance, both for your living space and landscaping, and offer fantastic amenities. Even if you are looking for a landscape-free living zone, many people from all walks of life have found their perfect home in a condo or townhome.

The Hudson Team specializes in finding townhomes and condos for sale in the College Station area. We have years of experience finding the best properties in this community. We can help you determine the ideal neighborhood for you based on your lifestyle. As with any property, location is imperative, that is why we offer diverse real estate options in the desirable area of College Station. Over the years, The Hudson Team has developed a bond with our community. We know that no matter where you live in the area, you will be close to the perks of living in the city.

Townhomes are like a happy medium between a condo and a house. They require less maintenance than a house, but come with more ownership opportunities than a condo. Townhomes usually include the ownership of the outside of the residence, meaning any front and backyard area, and your home’s exterior. Our real estate team is ready to help you find the best Bryan or College Station condo or townhome for sale to fit your lifestyle and budget. Give The Hudson Team a call today to get started!

Making the Case for Condos & Townhomes

Making the Case for Condos & Townhomes

When it comes to owning residential property, there are certain times when less can be more! This is particularly true for working professionals or local property owners who may live out of town. To be specific, I am talking about more convenience and less maintenance. That’s why I often find myself recommending townhomes and or condominiums to many of my clients! Often, the benefits of living in a condo or townhome development are perfect for students, young professionals or other on-the-go individuals in the area.

Let’s talk briefly about the advantages of owning a condo/townhome vs a traditional neighborhood house: 

  • No grass or landscape maintenance
  • Assigned parking
  • Often less expensive
  • Less general maintenance for repairs
  • Sense of community
  • TAMU shuttle bus route
  • Increased amenities such as swimming pools or workout areas
  • Gated security options

It’s certainly worth noting that we have several top-notch such communities here in College Station and Bryan. Some of my favorite condo/townhomes developments are Lakeridge, River Oaks, River Ridge, Waterwood, Deacon Condos, Woodbrook Condos, Summit Crossing, Fox Run, Canyon Creek, Woodland Court and Gateway Villas. I have assisted both buyers and sellers in each of these communities. I can assure you that all are outstanding. Which one is best, is simply a matter of personal taste and which one is the best fit for you.

Condos & Townhomes in College Station and Bryan, TX

Below is a list of all available townhome and condominium communities where you can find condos and affordable houses for sale in College Station & Bryan.

Differences Between Condos, Townhomes & More

To the laymen, you may think that there’s essentially no difference between apartments, condos, and townhome communities. While the real estate distinction itself is similar, what each type of home offers is different and will appeal to different buyers. Here’s a breakdown of apartments, condos, and townhomes:

  • Apartments – Apartments are distinguished by their ownership status. 99% of the time (unless you’re in a big city like New York) an apartment is going to be rented by an occupant from a landlord or property owner. Aesthetically, apartments are very similar to a condo, often having community amenities on the property.
  • Condos – Like the above, condos, or condominiums, are distinguished by their ownership status. Condos are primarily owned by the occupant with all the trappings of typical real estate ownership like titles, mortgages, ESCROW and more. In terms of a layout, condos and apartments are essentially indistinguishable as the both feature resident amenities on the property like laundry services, resident gyms, and more.
  • Townhomes – Townhomes, unlike condos and apartments can either be owned or rented by the occupants. What makes townhomes unique is their construction and layout. Townhomes, or town houses, are defined as single-family homes that share a wall with another single-family property. They’re often situated in rows and are multiple stories to account for their small lot footprint.

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