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College Station real estate has been a much talked about topic in recent years. Home sales and property values have significantly changed since the 1990’s, fueling growth in the local economy and prompting interest from real estate investors as far away as California. In certain areas of the community, we have literally seen land appreciation and or property values increases by a factor of ten during this period.

Once only known as home to Texas A&M, today, this town offers so much more. Beautiful neighborhoods in College Station, a vibrant entertainment district, a highly ranked public school system and a thriving local economy. As a result, the booming Bryan College Station community has become a hotbed of local real estate.

Complete List of Neighborhoods in College Station

Breakdown of College Station Neighborhoods

If you’re looking for an expert breakdown of College Station neighborhoods, you’ve come to the right place. College Station is divided up into several distinct districts, many of which are located around the Texas A&M campus. The further south you go, the bigger and more broad College Station areas become and they are usually decided by their bordering roads and thoroughfares.


This particular area encompasses the Texas A&M University campus and surrounding neighborhoods. It takes up the area just south of University Drive, west of Texas Avenue, and north of George Bush Drive and extends west towards the Easterwood Airport. TAMU is just south of Bryan, TX. This area is home to one of BCS’s biggest employers (the university) and the hub of culture here College Station. You’ll find plenty of students and all the accoutrements of student life to go with it.


Eastgate, or the Eastgate District, is a neighborhood in College Station that lies directly east of TAMU. The area is made up of 567 acres located in the core of College Station, bounded by University Drive East, Texas Avenue South, Dominik Drive and Munson Avenue. Eastgate is home to College Station’s nightlife and entertainment districts as well as home to plenty of student housing.

Southside Historic District

While not as large as the other areas, the Southside Historic District is unique for its established enclaves and homes for sale. The Southside Area is one of the oldest neighborhoods in College Station and includes parts of the original City limits established with incorporation of the City of College Station. The area is 720 acres located directly across from the southern edge of the TAMU campus, bounded by George Bush Drive, Wellborn Road, Southwest Parkway Welsh Avenue, Holleman Drive and Texas Avenue.

Central College Station

This is the largest of the neighborhood planning areas in College Station and includes the largest quantity and most diverse neighborhoods and subdivisions in the area. Central College Station is made up of 1,450 acres and is bounded by Texas Avenue South, State Highway 6 South, Harvey Mitchell Parkway South, Wellborn Road and Rock Prairie Road. In the central part of town, you’ll find a mix of full-time residents, students, and grad students as well as a wide range of single-family homes for sale in the college station communities, condos, townhomes, and apartments. Because of its location right in the heart of the city, there are several major roads that go through this area, which brings local businesses, dining, shopping, and other College Station residents on their daily commute.

South Knoll

Located in between the TAMU and Central College Station districts, South Knoll encompasses just over five and half square miles and is bounded by Wellborn Road, Harvey Mitchell Parkway, Texas Avenue, Holleman Drive, Welsh Avenue and Southwest Parkway.


Located just north of TAMU is an area known as Northgate. This is the home to College Station’s student body nightlife and entertainment businesses. Sitting right on the border of College Station and Bryan, Northgate is bordered between Wellborn Road and College Ave and extends about a block north of University Drive.

South College Station

The South College Station neighborhood is a large residential and business area not defined by any overarching characteristics besides being located in the annex between Southwest Parkway and Highway 6 below the South Knoll district. It extends south to William D. Fitch Parkway and is composed primarily of residential areas and communities.

East College Station

East College Station encompasses a large swath of residential and commercial land that extends east from TAMU. It’s bordered to the west by Texas Avenue and is divided into two quadrants by Highway 6. It is bordered to north by Eastgate and to the south by Southeast College Station.

Southwest College Station

Lying adjacent to the South College Station, Southwest College Station is a large, nearly 9 square mile area of predominantly residential areas. It is bordered by William D. Fitch Parkway to the east, Dowling Road to the north, Greens Prairie to the south and extends west towards the Brazos River. Check out some of the beautiful homes for sale in this College Station neighborhood!

Southeast College Station

Southeast College Station lies east of Highway 6, north of William D. Fitch Parkway, and south of Sebasta Road, where Highway 6 veers true north. It – like the other bigger areas in College Station – is home to predominately residential areas with local businesses along major thoroughfares like Bird Pond Road and Rock Prairie Road.

Greater College Station

As neighborhoods in College Station continued to develop, growth pushed the city further and further south. Great College Station encapsulates all of that growth as a single larger area that includes a wide range of neighborhoods. Lying south of William D. Fitch Parkway, Greens Prairie Road, and Knoppe Bridge Road, Greater College Station spans both west and east from Highway 6 as far south as the town of Millican. Great College Station is home to some of the area’s most sought after neighborhoods, including Indian Lakes, Pebble Creek, Sweetwater, Duck Haven and more.

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