Bryan Neighborhoods 

Bryan, also known as Aggieland is in the heart of central Texas and lies within a geographic triangle between Dallas/Houston/San Antonio. Thus, the 140 year old city is accessible to over 14 million Texans inside of a four hour drive. With over 250,000 residents in Bryan-College Station, the area boasts five exceptional golf courses and The Research Valley was recently named Top 10 Places to Raise a Family.

Before we get much further, it is only fair to mention Historical Downtown Bryan. Originally a railroad town, downtown Bryan has distinguished itself as a place of vibrant art and unique mercantile exchange. Known today as a Texas Cultural Arts District, the streets are lined with eclectic shops, restaurants and art galleries which embody Bryan’s small town charm. The nightlife is great too and there is not a safer place in America for families on weekend nights.

Neighborhoods in Bryan

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