College Station & Bryan FAQs

We get a lot of great questions about College Station and Bryan, TX from current residents and future residents. So many in fact, that we decided to put together an FAQ page to address those questions.

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Is College Station a good place to raise a family?

College Station is a great place to raise a family based on many different factors. It is a safe community that features great schools, great job opportunities, and there are plenty of things to do for those that live here. It was ranked #23 out of 228 cities in America as a great place to raise a family. With a healthy job market, mostly provided by the Texas A&M University. Families have a lot of opportunities for growth. The real estate market is moderately priced so there is an abundance of suburban neighborhoods to call home, many of which feature great community amenities.

College Station ISD is a top-ranked school in Texas so families with students can expect a high-quality education across several elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools.

How close are Bryan and College Station?

Bryan, TX and College Station, TX are two distinct cities in Brazos County and make up the College Station/Bryan metro area. The two city centers of each city are approximately a 9 minute drive, or about 4 miles apart. There is no discernible line when crossing from one city to another.

How many college students live in College Station?

During the school year, College Station and Bryan are home to about 40,000 college students.

What is the population of College Station Texas?

According to the most recent census numbers (in 2017) College Station counts 113,564 people as full-time residents. Bryan, TX has a population of 84,021.

Both cities are home to the students at A&M, so the local population increases during the school year.

What is the cost of living in College Station Texas?

According to Sperling’s Best Places, College Station has a lower average cost of living than the national average The biggest contributing factor to the cost of living in College Station is housing, which is above the national average.The median home cost in College Station is $241k, while the national average is $219k.

How big is Texas A&M?

Home to 40,000 students and more faculty and staff, Texas A&M University occupies 5,200 acres (or 8.125 square miles).

What county is College Station?

College Station and Bryan are both located in Brazos County.

What college is in Bryan Texas?

Bryan, TX is home to Blinn College, a two year university. It is a major transfer university to Texas A&M University, Sam Houston University, Texas State University, University of Houston and the University of Texas.

Is Blinn College part of Texas A&M?

Blinn College is not part of A&M though they are closely linked. The Bryan campus of Blinn is prominently located nearby Texas A&M and has a very high transfer rate into A&M.

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