SEC Here We Come!

Here Comes the SEC!!

I’m not sure most Aggie parents, Former Students or current College Station residents understand the full impact of Texas A&M’s new sports conference affiliation into the Southeastern Conference (SEC). When I suggest this, I specifically mean as it relates to investment potential in the local Bryan/College Station real estate market. Here are my thoughts on the subject and what I am talking about:

Any current or former A&M student who has ever attended a football game at Kyle Field vs the University of Texas, knows the feeling of a major college football sporting event and all that goes with it. In other words, it’s not simply just another game on the schedule. There are Super Bowl type emotions, an overflowing stadium, crowded restaurants and every hotel room within 50 miles of Bryan/College Station is booked solid for the entire weekend.

Well guess what folks?? You ain’t seen nothing yet!! Welcome to SEC Football every weekend!!

Instead of historically having only one big game with an electric crowd atmosphere once every two years playing UT at Kyle Field, starting in the Fall of 2012, we will have 3-4 games per season of that magnitude against the SEC’s marquee opponents!! When teams like LSU, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Auburn come to College Station, Kyle Field will rock like never before! These teams travel and bring 10,000 passionate fans of their own to the games. From tailgating to Northgate, everything regarding A&M Football is about to magnify in a big way. The entire Aggie game weekend experience is about to move to a whole new excitement level!

Okay, so let’s get back to discussing the impact of this on College Station real estate!

When Aggies suddenly discover next fall that the LSU and Florida fans have booked every hotel room in Brazos County on football weekends, the thought of owning a second home or a “weekender” in College Station is suddenly going to be more appealing than ever before. This makes especially good sense to those who have current sons or daughters who will require housing during their years at A&M. Think about the convenience factor for a minute. It’s game weekend, and instead of fighting the insane crowds at hotels and restaurants, you retreat to your own house or condo for a relaxing night of dinner and television. It sounds good because it is good! Lol

My strong opinion is that College Station real estate values are going to continue to rise in the coming years. I predict that in certain strategic areas, that the new SEC football experience will cause a valuation spike beginning in Fall 2012. There is still time between now and then to make a wise home purchase and capture these College Station real estate gains. Please contact TM5 Properties if you would like our assistance, or if you would just like to visit about a possible Bryan- College Station property acquisition. We would very much enjoy putting our knowledge and experience to work for you!

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