Don’t FALL Behind: BCS Market Update to Help You Stay Ahead of the Game!

Autumn is approaching! While we’ve likely passed the peak of the 2015 real estate season, based on last year’s trends, there could be another spike right around the corner! Just last month, 341 units sold. If the trend remains similar to 2014, the number of units sold will drop off somewhat this month. However, in both 2013 and 2014, the number of sales rose up again in October! In October 2014, the number of units sold, new listings, total monthly sales, and monthly average sales all increased.

What does all of this information mean? If you are considering selling your property, right now is a good time to list. The market is still pretty fast-paced. However, the inventory is lower than it was in the summer. So you may be able to use this to your advantage. See the stats below for more details about the current BCS real estate market!

August 2015:
Units Sold: 341
New Listings: 356
Average Days on Market: 97
Total Monthly Sales: $73,171,352
Average Monthly Sales: $214,579

September 2014:
Units Sold: 204
New Listings: 271
Average Days on Market: 98
Total Monthly Sales: $42,420, 126
Average Monthly Sales: $207,942

October 2014
Units Sold: 218
New Listings: 339
Average Days on Market: 119
Total Monthly Sales: $46,484,824
Average Monthly Sales: $213,233


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