Must See Attractions in Bryan & College Station

Both Bryan, TX and College Station are home to some of the biggest and best attractions in the country. Sure, it’s home to the George Bush Presidential Library (first on our list), but there are so many great place to visit for historic value, academic value, Aggie culture, or just plain fun.

Below, we’ve put together some of the most popular attractions in the Bryan/College Station area, so next time you’re in the area, be sure to check one of these places off your bucket list.

You can also view a map of all the attractions on our list.

The Century Tree on TAMU

You’ve got to check out the Century Tree on Texas A&M University campus, right near the Academic Building. This tree is notably because it was one of the first oak trees planted on the 5,200-acre campus. Take a walk with a loved one under the tree. It’s rumored that a couple that walks beneath the tree together will eventually get hitched.

You can also get seeds from the Century Tree and grow you own little piece of Aggie history at your own College Station/Bryan home! Visit this site and get your seeds. All proceeds go towards scholarships for A&M students.

Veteran’s War Memorial at Veteran’s Park

Veteran’s Park and Athletic Complex is a sports complex with 13 full-size athletic fields, 5 softball fields, and includes a lighting system for both day and evening events. Included in the park is a 12-acre memorial site and a heritage trail that honors military veterans called the Veteran’s War Memorial. The War Memorial honors and reveres American veterans both living and passed away from all wars. Currently, you can add your veteran’s name to the wall for $150 through the memorial website.

The memorial itself is an impressive site with several monolithic maroon-colored granite slabs adorned with the names of veterans. They regularly host events as well.

Historic Downtown Bryan

Described as a funky, small downtown, historic downtown Bryan has plenty to offer visitors to the area. With first Friday events, plenty of shopping and restaurants, you can spend time looking at the history of downtown Bryan which was once an old railroad town. It’s a great place for small businesses, family-owned restaurants and all kinds of eclectic retail spaces.

Downtown Bryan is a dedicated Texas cultural district and home to plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment, including the iconic Queen’s Theater. Check their website calendar for city sponsored events to attend.

Brazos Valley Natural History Museum

The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History is a prominent museum with a lot of important historical artifacts spanning the fields of archaeology, cultural history, geology, and paleontology. Visitors will be surprised to find complete skeletons of an Ice Age cave bear, a sabertooth tiger, T-rex bones, and the complete skeleton of an ancestor to a Triceritops.

The museum offers a wide range of exclusive exhibits, educational opportunities, adult education programs, tours, birthday parties, nature camps, youth programs and more.

Reveille Gravesite at Blue Bell Park

Known as the First Lady of Aggie football, Reveille has been the mascot of Texas A & M since 1931, and there is a gravesite dedicated to previous Reveilles where they are facing Kyle Field. Aggies have always loved their mascot, and when the graves had to be temporarily moved, the corps that cares for the mascot kept a blackboard in front of the graves updated with the scores of every game played. It’s a tradition for the Aggies to honor their beloved mascot, and you can be part of the tradition when you visit the Reveille gravesite at Blue Bell Park

Aggie Bonfire Memorial

As they say, everything is a tradition at A&M. However, the Aggie student bonfire stood out as one of the biggest and most cherished of Aggie traditions. Every year during the fall, just before the Texas A&M University of Texas football game, Aggie students would gather on campus and build a massive bonfire. Sometimes the stack of wood would get up to nearly 60 feet high. Even with construction regulations, the Aggie bonfire suffered a collapse in 1999 and 12 people died, many other injured. After the tragedy, the Aggie bonfire was banned from being on campus and the student body has erected a memorial to those that died that fateful day in 1999. The memorial is open to the public, the spirit ring includes twelve portals to commemorate the students that died in the collapse, and each portal is pointed towards the hometown of one of the students lost. You can take a tour of the memorial, and learn more about the history of the annual bonfire held at Texas A & M.

Santa’s Wonderland

Santa’s Wonderland is the home of the Christmas season in Central Texas. The display has grown beyond an extravagant lights display to a full on Christmas experience. Visitors can attend Santa’s Wonderland and see bands, go shopping, experience real Texas snow, and so much more. There’s a reason it’s one of Texas’ biggest Christmas attractions.

The 2019 season runs from November 8 – December 30th. You can get an idea of all they have to offer and learn exactly what you need to know by visiting their FAQ page or learn about all the attractions by checking out the park map.

Museum of the American GI

The Museum of the American GI strives to preserve the history of the American GI and teach future generations about the importance of the contributions made by those that have served our country. With exhibits of historical and current uniforms and weapons, the museum bring the life of the American GI to life. Monday – Thursday group tours are offered by appointment.

Corps of Cadets Center

The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets academy is a historic student organization that devotes itself to instilling values of leadership, academic excellence and tradition. The organization has been around since 1876 and is one of the oldest student organizations in the country. The Corps of Cadets Center houses all artifacts, history, and anything else that has to do with the Corps of Cadets. There are thousands of items on display at the Corps Cadets Center, and a library full of military research volumes for you to look through. There’s an antique firearms collection, and you can learn about the traditions and history of Texas A & M.

Texas A&M University Research Park

The Texas A & M University Research Park is a green space located on the University of Texas A&M campus. It’s named “Resarch Park” due to its proximity to several of the college’s research buildings. The park itself is beautifully landscaped and is home to lake, several trails, and an 18 hole disc golf course for your enjoyment. Play disc golf through the beautiful park, or simply walk through the landscape and enjoy the scenes. Many couples decide to have engagement photos done at the park, a favorite for current and former Texas A&M students.

George Bush Presidential Library

The Geoge Bush Presidential Library is one of the foremost attractions on the Texas A&M campus. Dedicated in honor of George H.W. Bush, the library is center for research, archives, and more. You can learn more about the Presidential Library at our blog post.


Map of College Station & Bryan, TX Must-see Attractions

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