Wellborn Middle School

Opened recently in August 2018, Wellborn Middle School is the newest addition to the CSISD family. Though not located in College Station, Wellborn Middle is found at 15510 Royder Road in Wellborn, just skating the edge of south College Station.

About Wellborn Middle School

Wellborn Middle School Homes - Kendra HudsonTheir dedicated faculty and staff chose the Warhawk as their mascot, depicting that their goal is to “channel the qualities that a hawk possesses.” These revered qualities include a hawk’s gift of vision, observance, and focus, the school translates this into an “intensity to pursue our futures with the intention of success, observant to see the here and now and keep the future in perspective, and mental toughness to push through challenges and learn from our failures.” Though Wellborn Middle is new in the community, their motto “You belong here!” is modeling the grace, kindness, and encouragement that can be found on their welcoming campus.

The Warhawk family here at Wellborn Middle is comprised of both 7th and 8th graders. These students here are offered exciting electives outside of their coursework, including band, orchestra, choir, theatre, art, and athletics. The girls and boys athletics programs offer football, cross country, volleyball, basketball, track, and tennis as various teams students can try-out and participate within. As the school is still growing, the before- and after-school clubs and activities list continues to grow as well! Currently, Wellborn Middle offers cheerleading, NJHS, robotics club, student council, and yearbook club as exciting organizations for their students.

Nestled south of College Station in Wellborn, Wellborn Middle School is situated just off of Wellborn Road. Surrounding the area are several popular subdivisions, including Sweetwater Forest, Woodlake, Sweetwater, and the rural Duck Haven and Bentwood Estates subdivisions.

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