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Some days you want to enjoy a great wood-fired pizza. Otherther days you want something a little more refined, like a great steak or some fresh seafood. You may even have those days – like I do – where only a salad is going to do the trick. And then there’s the days when there isn’t anything else that will fit the bill like an amazing, juicy hamburger. If you’ve seen my earlier posts you know that I’ve talked about some great spots. But today I want to tell you about a truly hidden gem in Benchley: Top of the Hill – Greasy Burgers.

When you hear about Benchley, Texas, you may grab your phone and do a search to find out where that is. You’ve probably heard of the Old San Antonio Road (OSR). If you’ve traveled down Hwy 6 north of Bryan and crossed OSR, you’ve been through Benchley. Until I researched it I didn’t know that Benchley was originally settled in the early 1800’s by Irish immigrants, but many of them fled the area during the Texas Revolution. It is named after Henry Benchley, the first freight conductor of the Houston and Texas Central Railway. It has always been small, but I can tell you there is nothing small about the Burgers at Top of the Hill!

If you go west off of Hwy 6 and travel around a mile, you’re going to see the Top of the Hill sign on your left. Let me tell you, it is worth the short drive to experience this little jewel. But understand front, this is a BURGER place. They specialize in amazing burgers and fries. There are over two dozen different burgers to choose from and over a half dozen fry combos. They’re all good, but that Bacon Jack Burger is fantastic!

Yes, there are salads . . . a hamburger salad and a cheeseburger salad. I’m serious! You can get a grilled cheese sandwich, a hot dog or chicken nuggets. But do you really drive to Benchley to eat chicken nuggets and salad? Probably not. If you do choose to make the quick drive, I can pretty much guarantee you’re not going to regret it. Oh, and don’t show up after 4:00 or on Sundays because they are closed. Regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 4:00.

As I always say, you may be looking to relocate to Aggieland or maybe you already live here and are looking for something new to try (or you’ve spent the day at Lake Bryan). Whatever the reason, a short drive to Top of the Hill will be a memory making experience for both you and your tastebuds! And if I can help with anything real estate, text or give me a call today!

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