The Traditions Country Club

The Traditions is an esteemed private golf course and residential community located in Bryan, TX. Occupying about 900 acres in scenic Brazos Valley, The Traditions features a championship golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II. While offering privacy, seclusion, and scenic views, the community is conveniently located nearby major amenities and attractions, including the new Texas A&M Health Science Center, Lake Walk Town Center, The Stella Hotel, and Turkey Creek.

The Traditions have been designed and developed to be one of the leading golf courses in the state. It’s currently home to the Texas A&M men’s and women’s golf teams and is regularly host for semi professional and professional tournaments. Along with world class golfing, the Traditions features a massive amount of community amenities for residents and visitors.

In addition to a championship golf course, the Traditions offers elegant amenities for residents and club members. You’ll find ample dining – casual by the pool and fine dining experience in the club house restaurant.

Kids and families can enjoy the wading pool, or get some exercise in the olympic lap pool. There is also an on site fitness center and men’s and women’s locker rooms. The Traditions recently opened a tennis center on site that features 6 outdoor tennis courts, 4 pickleball courts, and 2 racquetball courts.

One of the standout amenities of the Traditions neighborhood are the available cottages and casitas that line the golf course. It’s convenient for club members and Traditions residents to put up guests in luxury accommodations.

The Traditions Golf Course

Built in 2004 by Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II, the Traditions golf course boasts 7121 yards of competition level resort/parkland style golf play. Golfers are challenged by tree and water features throughout the course and can expect soft fairways and forgiving roughs. The Traditions is a semi challenging course with a par of 72 and a Golf Advisor rating of 74.6.


Hole: 1

Par: 4
Yards: 412

Starting from the clubhouse, the first hole has you playing southeast, towards the sun in the morning. It’s a par 4 that dog legs slightly to the right at about 300 yards with sand traps to the right and trees to the left and dead ahead. There’s plenty of fairway to work with so set yourself up for a clear shot at the green.


Hole: 2

Par: 3
Yards: 216

After a short drive from the #1 green, #2 is a short par 3 with a natural hazard in the middle. Aggressive players will want to take a straight shot from the back tee box, with mostly trees and brush underneath, but if you play left of the flag, you can set yourself up for an easy chip and putt out.


Hole: 3

Par: 4
Yards: 429

To get to the #3 tee box, you’ll go through a residential area. The #3 hold is the southernmost hole on the course and has you playing towards west northwest. It’s a comparable par 4 to the first tee, but with a slight dogleg left around 350 yards. There is plenty of room on the fairway to play it safe for an easy shot at the green, or play aggressively and try to shoot left of the sand traps and miss the trees obstructing your view of the pin along the left side of the fairway.


Hole: 4

Par: 4
Yards: 387

The 4th hole has you playing straight north. It’s a shorter par 4 with a somewhat sharp dogleg left at about 275 yard points. There are grass and shrub hazards for the first 100 yards are so, so if you’re hitting from the back tees, make sure to give yourself plenty of hang time to clear it. Not a whole lot of room on the fairways so you’ll want to try and get as dead center as you can. The hole bottlenecks with trees on both sides at the left dog leg.


Hole: 5

Par: 5
Yards: 539

#5 is your first par 5 of the course. It’s long at 539 yards and features a southwestern orientation with a soft dogleg right at about the halfway mark. You’ll want to use a pitched driver or a low iron to position yourself just past the dog leg. If you can fade, this is a good hole to utilize that. After the dogleg right, you’ve got about 150 yards to clear a ravine hazard just before the green. There are some sandtraps lining the front of the green so you’ll want to make sure you give plenty of room for error to clear those.


Hole: 6

Par: 4
Yards: 354

#6 is back down to a moderate par 4 length. It’s nearly a straight shot from the tee to the green, however you need to keep an eye out for sand traps on either side of the fairway. A dead center shot is best. There is another ravine positioned right in front of the green so you either need to shoot for the green in the air or plan on rolling up to the ravine and having an easy shot at the pin.


Hole: 7

Par: 3
Yards: 192

#7 is the shortest hole on the course. It’s a slight crescent bend to the right. There’s plenty of fairway on the left side with a wall of trees to the right. Two sand traps sit at the front of the green though they’re easy to avoid by playing center to the green.


Hole: 8

Par: 5
Yards: 584

#8 is the longest hold on the course and features a big dog leg to the left early on so you can’t be too aggressive to start. Once past the dog leg it’s a straight shot to the green. With trees to the left. The green shares the #17 tee box so there are several hazards to keep an eye out for once you’re closer to the pin.


Hole: 9

Par: 4
Yards: 439

#9 is a straight hole, moderately wide green, one sand trap to the right, and trees on the left. There is also a ravine hazard in front of the green Aim straight, play smart, and you’ll do well on this hole.


Hole: 10

Par: 5
Yards: 559

#10 is the second longest hole on the course and one of the more challenging holes. While you’re able to see the green from the tee box, playable fairway weaves in and out of trees, first to the right, then back to the left before settling straight towards the green. You’ll want to favor the left side of the fairway until about 300 yards when the hole shifts back to the left. From there, aggressive players have a good chance at the green and conservative players will have plenty of fairway to work with as they approach the green.


Hole: 11

Par: 3
Yards: 182

This is a short and straight par 3. There are two big sand features to the left and the right at the front of the green so keep an eye on those, however confident players should be able to be safe by playing the green slightly long.


Hole: 12

Par: 4
Yards: 428

#12 is a long par 4 that features a slight dog leg to the right. Players have plenty of room on the left side of the fairway so it should be easy to favor the outside of the dog leg and set yourself up for a good shot at the green. You’ll be playing with trees to your right, all the more reason to favor the left. The hole bottlenecks with tree hazards about 20 yards from the green so make sure you approach with an eye for the center.


Hole: 13

Par: 4
Yards: 381

#13 is one of the more unique holes on the course. From tee box to pin, it might be more like 300 yards, but this hole features a 90 degree dog leg to the right at about 275 yards. The green isn’t visible from the tee box so if you’re going to try for it, you’d better bet lucky. Otherwise, play the fairway left, avoid the sand traps, and favor the front right of the green on your approach.


Hole: 14

Par: 4
Yards: 407

#14 is a forgiving par 4 with wide open fairways, a few sand traps to keep an eye on, and a slight dogleg right just after the halfway point. Plenty of room to work with on this hole, so shoot for a straight center layup at about 275 – 300 yards and you’ll be in good shape for the green.


Hole: 15

Par: 5
Yards: 551

#15 is along and jagged hole with tight fairways lined by trees and residences. As you approach the green, the fairway gets wider, so you’ll want to make sure you’re playing confident with your lies towards the center of the fairway. The hole dog legs sharply to the left and features sand traps to the right of the green.


Hole: 16

Par: 3
Yards: 190

#16 boasts the biggest water hazard on the course. This hole is essentially a tee box and a green with a giant pond right in the middle. There’s no where to play but pin distance. Hit center, avoid the sand traps, and you’ll be good.


Hole: 17

Par: 4
Yards: 427

Hole 17 is a somewhat long par 4 that has a slight dogleg right as you approach the green. It crosses paths with the #8 hole and features trees to the right. You’ll want to keep your approach to the left side of the fairway.


Hole: 18

Par: 4
Yards: 444

The final hole is another long par 4 that features a forgiving, wide open fairway. There is a sand hazard about mid way to the left. This hole’s green is crowded with sand traps so you’ll want your approach to be precise. Lots of folks will be watching from the club house.

The Traditions Neighborhood

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