Shipwreck Grill

If you live here, you’ve likely seen it. If you’ve seen it, you probably remember it. But even though you may remember it, you may have never tried it. I’m talking about a great restaurant here that is as memorable as the building it sits in . . . and one of the top places to get seafood in Bryan: Shipwreck Grill.

You may know it as “the boat” or “that ship looking place” on Villa Maria Drive. It’s hard to miss because it stands out from the surrounding buildings and landscape. But that’s not the only way it stands out. Shipwreck has become an extremely popular place to go for fresh seafood, especially during crawfish season (which, sadly, just ended).

Your “Shipwreck experience” will probably depend a lot on how you prefer to take it all in. If you like to eat boiled shrimp out on the deck, that may be the way to go. Or you can sit at the bar while you peel your way through a couple of pounds of crawfish and wash it down with your favorite tasty beverage. Or maybe you want to sit inside with a table full of friends enjoying one of a wide variety of seafood options. Whatever your taste, Shipwreck can probably suit it!

Even though crawfish season just ended, it’s not too early to mark it on your calendar for the start of the 2024 season in January. There’s no better place in town to enjoy it. But you can enjoy their other tasty specialties year-round. For an appetizer you might want to try the “Cannon Ball” Jalapeno Poppers or a cup of gumbo. If you like oysters, you can get them raw or grilled. They also have a great variety of seafood tacos, po-boys and burgers. But that just barely scratches the surface.

There are 7 different seafood baskets. The 7 platters can even be ordered in combo fashion. Grilled or blackened, you can get chicken, tilapia, shrimp or even their “Big Ole Ribeye.” Top all these off with a slice of Key Lime Pie or one of their other great desserts. And did I mention they have lunch specials? Some of their best offerings are available on the lunch menu, making it a great mid-day option. Whatever you choose and whenever you go, I think you’re gonna be glad you gave Shipwreck Grill a try.

Maybe you’re from around here or you may be looking to relocate to Aggieland. Maybe you’re just visiting because you want to know why everyone seems to be moving here! Whatever the reason, a meal at Shipwreck will help you understand why Aggieland is the place to be! And if I can help with anything real estate, text or give me a call today!

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