Rock Prairie Elementary School

Situated in the heart of Aggieland, Rock Prairie Elementary School in College Station is located at 3400 Welsh Avenue. This amazing elementary school welcomes and enrolls children from prekindergarten up until 4th grade as part of their 640-strong Rangler family. Rich in tradition and receiving fervent support from the community, Rock Prairie Elementary creates a safe and nurturing environment that promotes success across all areas for the entire school. Here, they pledge to teach each student that they are somebody and instill in each student to be respectful, responsible, always strive for success, and show Rangler pride.

About Rock Prairie Elementary School

Homes Near Rock Prairie Elementary School - Kendra HudsonIllustrating that this school teaches with consistently high expectations, the TEA recognized that Rock Prairie met and exceeded all measured standards and indicators with exemplary results.

Outside of their high-quality core academics, this school has a phenomenal staff that assists students in programs such as Head Start for early childhood, life skills, special education, ESL, dyslexia, early literacy intervention, GT enrichment, and specialists in both reading and math.

Additionally, outside of the classroom, Rock Prairie enjoys having their students excited to come to school for different engaging events including book fairs, school-wide enrichment days where students are encouraged to dress-up, school performances, and booster-thons for the stakeholders in the community.

The location of Rock Prairie Elementary just off of Rock Prairie Road places it nearby many amenities, such as the Rock Prairie shopping center and Brazos Valley medical corridor.

Rock Prairie also is surrounded by several wonderful neighborhoods, including Edelweiss, Brandon Heights, Southwood Forest, and Devonshire. Neighboring the school itself is the Jack and Dorothy Miller Park, the first cooperative and dual-purpose facility where, during school hours, it serves as a school playground and playing fields and, during the remainder of the time, functions as a regular city park for use by the general public.

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