Pebble Creek Elementary

Here, the administration and staff work hard to foster a wonderful school community ensuring all students succeed, thrive, and learn in a safe, engaging environment. Additionally, Pebble Creek Elementary strives to instill an eagerness to learn in each and every one of their 400 students while helping them follow their SMART Panther expectations to be safe, respectful, responsible, and to give their best effort.

About Pebble Creek Elementary


Sharing a name with the premier Pebble Creek Country Club and neighborhood, Pebble Creek Elementary School is situated east of Highway 6 at 200 Parkview Drive. Embracing the 3 C’s and R’s to guide their work is just another way this school is committed to providing all students an exceptional education, this framework describes the essentials of choice, creativity, customization, relationships, relevance, and rigor to create a both exciting and challenging classroom.

Illustrating their ability to provide such a classroom, the TEA recognized that Pebble Creek Elementary met and exceeded all measured standards and were awarded a distinction designation in ELA/reading, mathematics, top 25% student progress, and postsecondary readiness. Some of the special programs Pebble Creek offers includes adaptive behavior specialists, speech, enrichment, dyslexia, and also early reading intervention.

As previously mentioned, Pebble Creek Elementary is off of William D. Fitch Parkway east of Highway 6. Surrounding the area are a multitude of amenities and some of the best neighborhoods in the Brazos Valley. Just off of William D. Fitch Parkway is the Towerpoint shopping center and also the Pebble Creek Park. As for nearby neighborhoods, Pebble Creek is situated nearby the amazing Pebble Creek subdivision, as well as Stone Forest.

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