Margie’s Bar & Grill

Our community has some fantastic local eateries that are really worth a try. No matter what your taste, there’s local flavor to be enjoyed. One great place I want to share with you is Margie’s Bar & Grill located in Historic Downtown Bryan.

Located at the north end of Main Street, Margie’s has an amazing story worth telling. The Opersteny family opened it in 1924 in another location downtown. They suffered a fire in the 1950’s and had to relocate the restaurant to its present home. Believe it or not, the original grill survived and is still in use today. Almost 100 years of seasoning make the grill absolute perfection for cooking Margie’s amazing burgers!

While the ownership is still in the founding family, Margie’s has experienced other changes over the years. It has long been a downtown favorite, but in the earlier years it had a bit more focus on the Bar aspect than the Grill. These days, however, the smoky haze and pool table is gone and the long, narrow interior is filled up with the enticing aroma of sizzling burgers.

The menu at Margie’s is simple, but you can go back many times and never have the same thing. True burger fans will want to try one of the Opersteny Burgers. These are the original recipe, two-ounce patties that come in single, double or triple meat. The flavor of these thinner patties is incredible! Be careful ordering the triple as it takes quite an appetite. The Margie’s Burgers are the more traditional patty sizes, but no less flavorful. Add some fries, tater tots or onion rings and you’ll get the full, tasty experience.

I enjoy sharing some of our community’s local flavor because it helps convey the character of our great cities. I’m not a restaurant critic, but when I run across a place like Margie’s, I just have to tell someone. . . especially when it’s located just two blocks from one of my amazing listings!

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