Buying is Smarter Than Renting at Texas A&M

Buying is Smarter Than Renting at Texas A&M

A Message to the Parents of Texas A&M Students

As a real estate agent, one of my greatest areas of expertise is in investment property and student housing. From an experience standpoint, I personally own local rental property and have used my own experiences to help a tremendous number of both investors and parents of students purchase their properties. As an Aggie myself, I truly enjoy the process of finding and acquiring these types of properties and I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. If you are the parent of a student at Texas A&M, I believe the facts below demonstrate how beneficial a College Station investment property can be.

Buying vs Renting

Student housing is the single largest controllable college expense. Quality, near campus rentals in College Station are costly – starting at $650/month per bedroom ($7,800 a year) and go much higher. In most cases, this represents 40%+ of a student’s annual educational budget! Some students pay in excess of $1000/month per bedroom for premium housing close to campus.

Unlike renting, property ownership can provide significant cost reductions and tax advantages. In addition, College Station property values have appreciated an average of 4.5% annually for the last 27 consecutive years. As a parent, rental payments from your student’s roommates reduce your expenses and allows your student to live at a lower cost. The tax advantages can be substantial, and I can share with you how those have benefited me personally. Please take a moment to consider these numbers:

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As you can see, the potential financial benefits are clear. There are also other tangible benefits. As an Aggie parent you understand that a student’s safety and academic setting are critical to their well-being and success. Both of these can be greatly enhanced by living in a privately-owned house, condo or townhome, where the surroundings are quiet and the parking is close.


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