Christmas Tree Recycling in College Station, TX

When the holidays come around to a close, it’s time to move that old, dry Christmas tree out of the house and recycle it properly. Recycling a Christmas tree properly is important because once they’re dried, they turn into highly flammable tinder. The oils in coniferous trees are much, much more flammable than your average tree or houseplant.

Every season, dried Christmas trees are the source of many fire hazards that result in property damage, injury, and sometimes fatal consequences. Here’s a video by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission showing how quickly a dry Christmas tree can go up in flames:


As you can see, these old trees have the potential to really do some damage.

That’s why Brazos County offers recycling and removal services for residents to prevent any dangerous Christmas tree fires.

Christmas Tree Removal in College Station, TX

In College Station, Christmas tree collection is handled by the city’s solid waste removal department, and you can put your tree out as either brush or bulk pickup, depending on whether you remove all debris from the tree or not. Trees without any ornaments, lights, or tree stands will be picked up a brush and trees with debris left on it will be picked up on bulk pickup days.

If you want to see about your home’s pickup schedule, you can find that here.

Christmas Tree Removal in Bryan, TX

For Bryan residents, they have the option of either putting their tree out for brush/bulk pickup, or taking the tree to a dropoff location. If you remove all ornaments, lights, and tree stands, your tree will be picked up a “brush,” however if you just want to throw the whole thing out the curb, it will be pick up as “bulk” trash. Additionally, flocked trees cannot be recycled and are taken to the landfill as waste.

For drop off services, Bryan residents can get in touch with Bryan Environmental Services. They accept a wide range of waste materials and trash. You can get find information on them here:

If you live in an apartment complex, you should contact your landlord to get details on Christmas tree removal.

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