Caffe Capri is nestled right in the heart of Downtown Bryan. Caffe Capri was opened on September 18, 1995 by Rami Cerone. Cerone was in the Texas A&M class of ‘95. 28 years later this Italian comfort food gem continues to grow and has won numerous awards such as ‘Best Italian’ and the ‘Aggie 100’ fastest growing businesses in the world.

The Caffe Capri menu consists of classic Italian dishes, some of which are straight from the Cerone family kitchen. Rami Cerone often discovers some of his dishes by experimenting with different ingredients. Caffe Capri’s exquisite marinara sauce is a secret recipe from Cerone’s fathers family. His father used to come in twice a week to make 30 gallons of the sauce because the recipe was so important and confidential.

The Caffe Capri restaurant and staff prides themselves on being green and environmentally friendly. They have switched from foam carry-out containers to biodegradable and recyclable ones. They also recycle all cardboard and glass items daily. Caffe Capri’s goal is to become a zero-waste business.

The quaint and rustic building that Caffe Capri turned into a warm and welcoming restaurant used to be a grocery store. The building was restored in the transition but they decided to keep the rustic tin ceiling that gives the restaurant its unique look. The upstairs of Caffe Capri can be booked for private banquets. It can seat up to 60 people.

Caffe Capri prides themselves on their attentive and friendly customer service. The staff wants caffe capri to become your favorite restaurant. Their biggest compliment is when customers bring back friends. With the restaurant’s convenient location, you can enjoy some shopping or entertainment in Downtown Bryan after your divine meal. Caffe Capri is a true enjoyment with their food, atmosphere, service, and the drinks. If you are in the area and looking for a 10/10 dining experience, this is the place.

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