Bryan Midtown Area Plan

What is Bryan Midtown? The City of Bryan has been studying approximately 2 square miles of town in the boundaries of Finfeather Road, South Texas Avenue, historic Downtown and the Bryan/College Station City limit line.  They have pushed for multiple public engagements and surveys to get feedback from the individuals working and living in the area.


With the Midtown Project, the city is trying to proactively plan for future development to accommodate the demand for housing, business development, restaurants and entertainment. They are hoping to beautify the area through landscaping and design. Midtown is divided into 5 experience districts because recommendations are different in each.

District 1 is the transition area between Downtown Bryan and Midtown with a focus on increasing the arts.
District 2 is a walkable neighborhood adjacent to the Bombers baseball stadium where they want to promote residential development.
District 3 surrounds the Bryan Regional Park and is subdivided into 3 sections where overall goals are to push for park-facing developments and increase accessibility to the area through walking and biking.
District 4 is the tourism district with focus on developing unique culinary services.
District 5 is the area on the edge of Bryan and College Station city boundaries. With proximity to Texas A&M, the goal is address parking from multi-family housing and for new development to include retail, corner stores, paired housing and small apartment housing.

The plan is still in draft form and is currently being presented to city council with potential development as early as 2020. You can find more in depth information and stay up to date on the progress on the City of Bryan’s website.

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