Aggieland Safari

Today we’re going to talk about something really wild – literally! You might think the only way to experience the thrill of seeing wild animals up close is to fight Houston traffic or drive to Waco to visit their zoos. Those are great options, but there’s a place a lot closer to home that you can get up close and personal with over 75 species of animals, many of them from the ranges of Africa and Asia. I want to tell you about a fantastic local attraction that I think you’re going to love: Aggieland Safari.

Let’s face it, if you have kids – or a kid at heart – it can be challenging to find family-friendly entertainment. What if there was a place right here in the BCS area where you can spend the better part of a day enjoying 250 acres filled with animals you’ve probably never even heard of, much less seen? Let me tell you, Aggieland Safari is just that place.

Have you ever been able to feed a giraffe? Come face to face with a lemur? Lock eyes with a warthog? Watch a kangaroo up close? This is just the tip of the iceberg with all you can experience in a visit to Aggieland Safari. And I know I said you could spend the better part of a day on your visit, but you can see it all in 2-3 hours if you’re pressed for time. But I think you’re going to want to stay a while, especially when you see how up close and personal it gets in the Adventure Zoo.

You can’t take your own animal food, but there are many feeding opportunities available and they are very affordable. Once you feed the giraffe you’ll understand the t-shirts they sell in the gift shop that lets you proudly share that you “got slobbered at Aggieland Safari.” You really have to do it, at least once!

Kids of all ages – 2 to 92 – can enjoy the Adventure Zoo and it’s “up close and personal” atmosphere. Most of the animals in this part of the park are almost within arm’s reach. And when you go in the aviary they land on and eat right off your hand. This truly is an interactive experience and you’re going to wonder why you didn’t come sooner!

Now, as the name says, this is a safari. So you can take your car – or the tour bus – through a 2.5 mile Drive-Thru Safari. Wow, the variety of animals in this part of the park is amazing! I’ve never even heard of Ankole-Watusi (West Africa), Aoudad (Northern Africa), or Nilgai (Indian Subcontinent). And there are Pere David’s Deer from China that are EXTINCT in the wild! And there aren’t just one or two of most of these species, there are literally herds of them running around. Depending on how crowded it is and the time of day, it can take 30 minutes to an hour to make your way through. Take your time, if you can. You’re going to make a lasting memory!

You may be looking to relocate to Aggieland or maybe you already live here and are looking for something out of the ordinary to try. Whatever the case, a trip to Aggieland Safari has to get on your calendar! And if I can help with anything real estate, shoot me a text or give me a call today!

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