The Queen Theater

Communities all across the country are working hard to pour new life into their old, original downtown areas. One thing that can really add that special touch to a revitalized historic district is an old movie theater. That certainly holds true for downtown Bryan, proud home of The Queen Theater.

Opened in 1939, The Queen set the standard for movie houses in Texas at the time. Tradition holds that it was the first air conditioned movie theater this side of the Mississippi River. It remained a strong element of downtown Bryan all the way up until the 1970’s when many businesses began to leave the downtown area in favor of malls and free-standing stores. As the downtown area became all but abandoned by local business, The Queen lost her throne. But fortunately that wasn’t the end of her reign.

Several years ago an effort was launched to restore the former glory of this magnificent crown jewel. The successful revitalization of historic downtown Bryan was going strong and it was the right time to bring the old theater back to life. The process took some time, but there was great anticipation as the restored crown was lit once again and began rotating atop the marquis. The updated theater initially reopened as an event space and sometimes showed classic films. COVID-19 forced some changes in the ownership and operating plan, but today the theater stands fully restored and operational. Once again The Queen serves the public with first-run movies & special showings, top-of-the-line seating, and excellent food & beverage options. There’s even a cozy, well-appointed bar tucked away upstairs, also accessible from the balcony seating. We were fortunate enough to get a private tour and I can tell you that you absolutely have to plan an evening to go treat yourself to an experience at The Queen.

Whether you call B-CS home or are looking at homes in Bryan, take the time to go explore the historic downtown and take in a movie at The Queen. You’ll be glad you did!! And if you are looking for homes in Bryan or College Station, I’d love to help. Give me a call or shoot me a message!

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