Southside Historical District

The Southside Historic District is in the heart of College Station, and refers to the cluster of residential neighborhoods located just to the south of Texas A&M University. The locals simply refer to this desirable living area as Southside. A popular part of central College Station, Southside is full of Aggie history and is also situated within walking distance to prestigious Kyle Field, home of the Aggie Football team. The campus golf course, Olsen Field(Aggie baseball) and the Association of Former Students complex are also all within short range, thus making the real estate in this area very sought after and valuable.

About the Southside Historic District

The residents of this highly desirable community have access to university buildings, plentiful parks, spacious intramural fields, and abundant other area amenities. Residing in Southside allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Aggieland culture as well as walk or bike to the Texas A&M campus.

Brison Park in Southside Historic Distric

As an established and older part of town, Southside is comprised of an eclectic mix of different home construction, architectural styles, and residential tastes. In the area you will find mostly a wide array of mid-century style homes and the price ranges will vary greatly as well. Southside has enjoyed tremendous real estate appreciation over the years, especially during the last decade. As such expect lot values alone to exceed $300,000 in the areas nearest to Kyle Field, with some homes in the area exceeding $1,000,000. The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is nearby, as are many other local entertainment attractions and dining destinations. A home in Southside is an investment in everything that is Texas A&M.

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Important: Very active neighborhood and HOA groups exist within Southside. In some cases these preservation groups have enacted neighborhood restrictions which severely limit and heavily regulate rental property practices and policy. Do not purchase a property in Southside without gaining a thorough understanding of the neighborhood’s sensitive ownership policies and restrictions! Kendra owns several homes in Southside and is very well educated on these issues. Contact Kendra to formulate an acquisition strategy prior to purchasing any property in Southside.

Southside Historic District FAQs

Where Is the Southside Historic District Located?

The College Station Southside Historic District, which consists of a number of residential neighborhoods, is located in the center of College Station and south of Texas A&M University. The Southside Historic area is surrounded by A&M Foundation Building, Kyle Field, Blue Bell Park at Olsen Field, and the complex for the Association of Former Students. Due to the proximity of this area to the Texas A&M campus, the real estate in this area is considered very valuable. The Texas A&M campus is just a walk or bike ride away for anyone who lives in Southside. Commonly referred to as just the “Southside” by locals, this area is considered a very desirable place to live.

What Types of Properties Are Available in the Southside Historic District?

The Southside Historic District is considered an older and more established part of town. Therefore, you can expect to see many different types of properties in this area. Homes very significantly in terms of architectural style and home construction. However, most of the homes in the Southside Historic District are mid-century style homes.

How Much Are Homes in the Southside Historic District?

The price ranges for the homes in the Southside Historic District vary significantly. The value of homes in Southside has gone up significantly over time, particularly during the last few years. Some of the homes near Kyle Field cost more than $1 million. Lot values regularly cost more than $300,000 in these areas.

What Is It Like Living in the Southside Historic District?

Those who live in the Southside Historic District never run out of things to do. There are many restaurants that you can go to that serve a variety of cuisines, such as Mexican and Thai food. Some examples of nearby restaurants include Heim Barbecue, Yucatan Taco Stand, and Ellerbe Fine Foods. There are also brewpubs, craft cocktail spots, an dive bars. There are also opportunities for sightseeing and entertainment. The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum is a particularly popular option. Residents in this area have access to parks, university buildings, intramural fields, and other amenities. Living in the Southside Historic District also provides residents with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Aggieland culture. Undoubtedly, the College Station Southside Historic District is on the rise.

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